Re: Usability problem, and solution proposal

paul hendrick wrote:

I've written up an idea for a bug in nautilus usabilty. the writeup is here:

i hope it's useful.
I also think that drag and drop has to be improved. When I drag files to copy or move them I alsways encounter the same problem. I first open the destination folder. Then I open the source folder. At the start of the drag the source folder is always on top and overlaps a big part of the destination. I can of course move target and source folder first so they are beneath each other but this goes against the spatial idea in my opinion. The basic idea of spatial nautilus is that you position your important folder windows at certain places so you can remember these positions well. If you have to move them around all the time for dragging this principle does not work anymore.

I have two solutions for the problem:

We provide a way of moving the window under the mouse to the top or the bottom. What about using the right mouse key for this. So a drag would work in the following way:

Start drag with holding left mouse button on the source file. Then you can click the right mouse button to move the source window to the bottom of the window stack. So you get a full view of the target window. In the same way you could use the right mouse button to bring the target window up if you see at least a part of it.

We provide a kind of a visual clipboard. When you start the drag the clipboard appears at the right bottom of the screen. You can then drag the file to the clipboard and drop it there. Then you bring the target folder up and drag the file from the clipboard to the target folder.

What do you guys think about these suggestions. I think they could even both be implemented. If you want I can also draw some mockups.


Christian Schneider

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