Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] pet peeve

On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 19:09, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> Eeek, no clear button for the search. I want my clear button like in
> Evolution!

Hm.  I'm not necessarily opposed, but when proposing UI changes like
this, could you do a little more work to lay out the rationale?

What problem does it solve?  What are the disadvantages?  Are any other
GNOME applications doing the same thing?  What about non-GNOME
applications?  Does the HIG have anything to say on the subject?

In general, I'm just in a very conservative mode wrt the UI.  We came to
the current one after so much discussion, gimping, and glading...

Now, my answers to the above would be: 

What problem does it solve:
Often a user wants to search for a particular song in order to play it,
but still wants to see their whole list of songs.  So they type in the
song name, double click it, and then want to clear the search.  However,
clearing the search takes two actions (selecting all and pressing
delete), when it could take just one (pressing a clear button).

Takes up some UI space, and may not be so useful for users who generally
don't search for particular songs.

Other GNOME apps: Evolution does, as you mentioned.  Devhelp does not. 
Most other applications implement search as a separate dialog.
I'm too lazy to look for non-GNOME apps.

I don't see anything in the HIG on the subject from a brief search.

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