Re: gnome-xscreensaver (and some fast user switching)

Le mar 02/12/2003 à 10:00, Chipzz a écrit :
> > Well, the screensaver should do just that: screensave. The screen
> > locking should be handled by GDM: it would then display a dialog
> > enabling the current user to just enter its password to unlock, or to
> > select a different user and log in / switch to its desktop and unlock.
> Not everyone runs gdm. So you want to introduce a hard dependency on
> gdm?? People who use startx all of a sudden can't unlock their screen
> anymore? That is a gross regression.

The locking/switching functionality could be separated in its own
binary, so it could run without GDM (which is in fact already a
collection of binaries). Or you could make a special screenlocker for
those who like to customize their system.
Doing screenlocking and user-switching separately seems quite hard.

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