Re: gnome-xscreensaver (and some fast user switching)

> Well, the screensaver should do just that: screensave. The screen
> locking should be handled by GDM: it would then display a dialog
> enabling the current user to just enter its password to unlock, or to
> select a different user and log in / switch to its desktop and unlock.

This is a bad idea because if only gdm requires a password then a
knowledgable user could get into someones session with the F buttons. I
think it would be better to make gdm not require a password for already
logged in session and have gnome-screensaver ask for it.

Mark Finlay 
Computer Science Student

E-Mail:	sisob_AT_tuxfamily_DOT_org
Jabber:	sisob_AT_jabber_DOT_org

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