Re: gnome-xscreensaver (and some fast user switching)

Le mar 02/12/2003 à 10:33, Mark Finlay a écrit :
> > Well, the screensaver should do just that: screensave. The screen
> > locking should be handled by GDM: it would then display a dialog
> > enabling the current user to just enter its password to unlock, or to
> > select a different user and log in / switch to its desktop and unlock.
> This is a bad idea because if only gdm requires a password then a
> knowledgable user could get into someones session with the F buttons. 

No, because the gdm locker/switcher would run on all inactive sessions.

> I
> think it would be better to make gdm not require a password for already
> logged in session and have gnome-screensaver ask for it.

Then when a user somehow is facing the gnome-screensaver, his only
choice is to log in, he can't switch users ? Or he has to press some
"switch user" button to go back to gdm ? My guess is that having the
"switching" and "unlocking" dialogs separated may confuse users.

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