Re: Proposal for inclusion in desktop: gnome-keyring

Hi Alex,

On Sat, 2003-11-29 at 11:12, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> Over the last two weeks I've been writing a gnome keyring manager,
> called gnome-keyring, that I'd like to propose for inclusion in the
> Gnome 2.6 desktop. I also hope that the API shows itself stable and
> capable so that we can make it a platform API in 2.8. 

	Cool; this is really good work - IMHO it's vital to get this in to
solve the perennial, painful authentication issues - it's a crucial
missing piece for the platform.

	To confirm the API will not be proposed as public until Gnome 2.8,
however we have to approve it for the platform layer since we need
gnome-vfs and libgnomeui to use it's (private for now) API.

	Again - it's critical that we approve the inclusion of this before the
freeze, so that it can be deployed in Gnome VFS / libgnomeui. Given that
it's written by Alex's, with his excellent standard of coding; it'd be
nice to see the anticipated release-team rubber-stamping action
materialize at this point :-)



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