Re: gnome-xscreensaver (and some fast user switching)

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 03:56, Sven Herzberg wrote:
> Hi there,
>   I'd like to start working on a gnome xscreensaver replacement. I
> currently took a look into kscreensaver and xscreensaver for now, but as
> things like fast user switching come up now, we should try to get some
> neccessary features now that I didn't start creating a gnomeish version.
> Things I'd like to see:
>   * ability to use xscreensaver hacks
>   * utilisation of D-BUS as we might get a good idle-time codebase
>     for a d-bus version of dr. wright that uses the same way to
>     get idle-information as xscreensaver does.
>   * a small library (like libkscreensaver) that makes the creation
>     of new gnome-screensavers quite easy.
> What stuff is neccessary to solve the xscreensaver discussion regarding
> fast user switching?
the only thing I'd like it to have would be to allow the user to create
a new login on the auth dialog xscreensaver shows when it's running and
a user moves the mouse/keyboard.

That way, you could lock your screen, but still allow a person to log in
whit his/her own account.


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