Re: GNOME Screensaver Frontend


Something that has come up many times, but probably not fleshed out enough
for pimping to gnome-love and new contributors is a new GNOME Screensaver
frontend. Despite previous attempts, it seems that 'fixing' GNOME support in
xscreensaver itself is pretty pointless, but the hacks 'protocol/standard'
is worth supporting, so...

It is also important that xscreensaver works from an accessibility perspective.
This is something that the current xscreensaver program does not handle.

Information about what is needed can be found in this bug report:

There has also been a healthy discussion about this topic on the wm-spec
mail alias (refer to the topic "WM enhancements to support screen lock"

I think these issues should be kept in mind if we are thinking about writing
a GNOME screensaver.  It would be nice if we could engineer with accessibility
in mind from the get-go.


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