Re: Say goodbye to those ugly ass add-to-panel submenu blues

I'd like to kill the very idea of the following comment while it's
young and unable to put up a fight :)

Mark McLoughlin <mark skynet ie> writes:
>   + You might want to try using the panel name in the dialog:
>       "Add an item to Bottom Panel"
>     The whole panel name thing kind of sucks, but at least on the
>     default panel setup it would give you an indication of where
>     your applet is going to be added.

This would suck even more in case of translations, so if you can
avoid this kind of string composition, please do so.

(This problem is already evident in Metacity, where we've got "Move
to Workspace Blah", and when declinations are involved, with the same 
name being used both in nominative ["this is Workspace Blah"] and 
accusative ["move to Workspace Blah"], we get crap.)

Thanks for your attention,

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