Lockdown key proposal

I've been working on lockdown for epiphany.  One of the things we've
realized is that some of the keys that we've introduced should perhaps
be gnome global keys.

This list is not complete or really ready, and not all of these keys are
in epiphany yet, but pending the upcoming ABI freeze, I thought I should
send it to this list so we can get this figured out.

The following is the list of keys that I'm proposing to put in the
/desktop/gnome namespace:


disable_save_to_disk would disable downloading of files as well as
probably disabling much of nautilus, etc.

disable_execute_arbitrary_commands would make it impossible to edit the
commands of launchers, change the command used to print for apps that
don't use gnome-print, and disable gnome-terminal, etc.

disable_printing would make printing impossible.

disable_print_setup would make print not put up a dialog to set up the
paper and so forth.  Hitting print would just make the program print
with the current set up.  This is based on a request from someone who's
worked on a web browser kiosk.  You have a built in printer, and you
want print to just use that built in printer.

There are other keys in epiphany that might be sensible to be made
global.  I'm not sure about these ones:

disable_arbitrary_url would make it impossible to type a URL into
nautilus or epiphany.

disable_history would disable the users ability to get information about
what he's done in the past.  In epiphany, this would turn off the back
button, for instance.


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