Neccessity of panel names in add-to-panel? (was Re: Say goodbye to those ugly ass add-to-panel submenu blues)

Calum Benson <Calum Benson Sun COM> writes:
> On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 22:37, Danilo Segan wrote:
> Right... presumably something like "Add to panel: <panel name>" would be
> acceptable though?  (I'd like to add something to the HIG about this
> sort of thing, there's a little there already but it's not as helpful as
> it could be).

I guess it would be _acceptable_, though it doesn't seem very clear
(one might wonder whether you're adding <panel name> to panel, or
you're adding something to a panel <panel name> -- perhaps other
context will help here?).

Still, I think it's not very nice, and should be avoided. OTOH, what
is the merit of having panel names changeable by users?

If it's not really essential (as I suspect it is not, since most
users will have at most one of the each panels -- eg. not more than
one bottom panel, and not more than a single left panel), perhaps
those strings could be hard coded, and used if that's the panel we're
adding to?

Eg. instead of "Add to panel %s", we'd have "Add to bottom panel",
"Add to top panel", "Add to left panel", "Add to right panel" and "Add
to floating panel". This would suck a bit if user happens to have two
top panels (which, incidentally, I do :), but I consider that really
rare, and it's still not bad -- it just doesn't say to which top panel
would it be added, but no lies told.

Of course, if a user doesn't have one of those panels, that option
should not be available.

OTOH, if these panel names are used for accessibility, I guess it
won't be possible to hard code them everywhere (though, it's still 
unlikely that someone will have more than one top panel, but it may
happen that one has more than one floating panel).

Yet, even if names are kept for panels, perhaps position is what
should be used in "Add To Panel" dialog?

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