Re: hitler's flag


Well, GNOME as far as I know is a collection of tarballs,
Indeed. Nothing more:)

including yours. For GNOME to ship without flags, your
tarball has to ship without flags. (Correct me if I'm wrong
I am not going to ship any flags. I did it when gswitchit was standalone - but this will not happen again. Said enough. Whether GNOME will ship something standard or not - gswitchit (which is going to be incorporated into g-a anyway) will not bring flags with it.

P.S. FWIW I don't want the USA flag on my desktop. ;-)
That was the major reason why the default mode is label-based:)

I do not like USA flag either (oh, this political charge:) But for me it is easier to recognize flags labels. And I am trying to keep my bits of code at least usable for me:)

I will consider having build-mode "--disable-flags" option. And even without it, the default mode will be label-based.



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