Re: keyboard layout indicator should not require flags

Sergey said:

Lads, just keep remembering: the keyboard layout indicator is going to use flags (optionally, not by default). And distromakers will either have to patch this feature out or provide the flags (which are not officially provided by GNOME). So at least having some "recommended flags" package would be nice.
This is the wrong way to go about this, and IMO contradicts this prolonged thread. The keyboard layout indicator, if it's included in GNOME 2.6, must _not_ require any flags packages of any kind. It should provide its own icons. If one or two of those icons happen to be flag-like, OK. I think it's clear from the previous threads that GNOME cannot require any flag packages. I am sorry that this may cause inconvenience, but I think the decision is clear.

- Bill


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