Re: keyboard layout indicator should not require flags

> This is the wrong way to go about this, and IMO contradicts this 
> prolonged thread.

> The keyboard layout indicator, if it's included in GNOME 2.6, must _not_ 
> require any flags packages of any kind.  It should provide its own 
> icons.  If one or two of those icons happen to be flag-like, OK.
Really? OK. I will provide two icons for American and Russian layout and will
ask in gnome-i18n-list to provide icons for other layouts. And something tells
me they will be VERY flag-like. At least the Russian and American ones. And will
people feel bad if American layout will be displayed by something closely
resembling American flag - and their (say, Taiwanese) layout will be displayed
as ... teddy bear?

> I think it's clear from the previous threads that GNOME cannot require 
> any flag packages. 
I remember that. And not going to argue that. GNOME does not include any flags.
It was decided month ago. But does this mean GNOME cannot use flags if they are
presented in the system?

I really think the build-time option --disable-flags is a reasonable tradeoff.
If this option is on, the software does not allow to use flags. If this option
if off, flags can be used (but by default they are not).



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