RE: proposal for MIME behavior in GNOME

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 14:59, Andrew Sobala wrote:
> Don't forget, GNOME 2.6 is in beta at the moment. When it comes out, we
> will probably have people saying they are frustrated with the new X, Y
> or Z. We always do :-)
I haven't been yet. Thank you. This time (2.5/2.6) brings some major
changes and new features. With the spacial nautilus, mime handling,
Cairo based gtk and implementations for other freedesktop standards it's
only natural to try to minimise the risks and leave some features out.
It's also natural that if a void appears something else will take its

> But, as yet, decisions that may frustrate a certain (large or small)
> number of users are not yet set in stone. So if you want to affect those
> decisions, please download a beta and file detailed bugs about any
> regressions you find.
> Thanks :-)

I feel strange to file bug reports on things classified as features.
Mailing lists seem more appropriate even if a dedicated solution could
appear. I saw the gnome bounties and I imagined a portal for users and
developers to propose and discuss new features.

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