Re: proposal for MIME behavior in GNOME

> What if the file was read-only?  Should it then change to "View"?

If the file is red-only, all the "edit" actions should be disabled.
Let's take a simple example: you set EOG as the default "view" handler
for pictures and GIMP the default "view" handler for pictures. If you
right-click on a read-only picture, the only action available is "view
with EOG" and "view with...". If it's not RO, you see "view with EOG",
"view with...", "edit with GIMP" and "edit with...".

In the case of a text file, you could have set Emacs as the default
handler for "edit", and nothing for "view". In this case, if the file is
RO, you would only see "view with...". The "view with..." sub-menu
should show you a list of programs able to handle text files (among them
Emacs). In this case, double-clicking on the files should default to the
default viewer, not the default editor. If there is no viewer defined,
it should ask you which to open the file with and whether you want it to
become the default viewer for this MIME-type.

Is it sane ?

Julien Olivier <julo altern org>

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