Re: proposal for MIME behavior in GNOME

Le mer 10/12/2003 à 10:44, Julien Olivier a écrit :
> > What if the file was read-only?  Should it then change to "View"?
> If the file is red-only, all the "edit" actions should be disabled.
> Let's take a simple example: you set EOG as the default "view" handler
> for pictures and GIMP the default "view" handler for pictures. If you
> right-click on a read-only picture, the only action available is "view
> with EOG" and "view with...". If it's not RO, you see "view with EOG",
> "view with...", "edit with GIMP" and "edit with...".
> Is it sane ?

No, you may very well want to open a read-only picture with The Gimp.
I think it's The Gimp's responsibility to handle read-only files


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