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Hi all,

really sorry about answering to that many list, but i d like to clear

I invite people to check the license for themselves and see if it is in
fact open source.

The licence reads: 

"Contributor hereby assigns to RealNetworks full ownership in all
worldwide common law and statutory rights associated with the
intellectual property rights, copyrights, copyright application,
copyright registration and moral rights in the Contribution to the
extent allowable under applicable local laws and copyright conventions.
Contributor agrees that this assignment may be submitted by RealNetworks
to register a copyright in the Contribution. Contributor retains the
right to use the Contribution for Contributor's own purposes subject to
whatever license is applicable to the Contribution, if any (e.g. RPSL).
This provision will enable RealNetworks to efficiently protect the
copyright in the Helix DNA on behalf of the entire community."

To me that means that we lose ownership of the code and Real is free to
close it or patent it at any point they wish.

The GStreamer team is pushing hard to get an integrated and
distributable media framework and we are currently trying to fund the
development of Theora codec so that we can get a completely free and
open solution for multimedia streaming/playback.


Julien MOUTTE (aka Dolphy)

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