Re: [hxplay] Re: Helix Player virtual team meeting

Matthew Berg wrote:

3. Gtk has a documentation page which points to a NON-gtk-prefixed
interface for a basic video widget.

Ok, as a specific example, consider my favourite page, the gtk object hierarchy:

I think it would be tough going to convince people that a [Gtk]HXPlayer widget should appear as a leaf to GtkWidget, because GtkHXPlayer is not part of the gtk tarball.

Could a media framework be included in gtk? Probably not -- they're big, there are licensing issues, etc.

But, we could add some sort of gobject-ified video widget base class to gtk.

I think this would make it more likely for developers to use media widgets in their applications, as they'd be front and centre in the core documentation. This would be a good thing for us all.

Casual gtk developers would become aware of the presence of the media widgets -- they'd show up legitimately and pervasively in the core gtk documentation. Media widgets would appear to be a more main-stream part of gtk.

4. The potential developer looks under "Projects" and finds the existing
entries  gdk-pixbuf loaders for flash (swfdec), or mpeg/avi (GStreamer).

5. The potential developer follows the links to the GNOME project and
finds GStreamer as an existing part of the desktop platform.

Let's not create a false dichotomy here.  There's no reason why
something outside the gtk_ namespace can't be linked to off the

I'm arguing that there is a dichotomy between widgets (and widget interfaces) that are bundled with gtk, and widgets that are not, regardless of whether or not they are linked to on a related projects page.

If people see GtkMediaPlayer along side GtkLabel and GtkCalendar, they'll be more likely to use it.

Ryan Gammon
rgammon real com
Developer for Helix Player

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