Re: Helix Player virtual team meeting

Rob Adams wrote:
Well I'm glad to hear that Real has improved the quality of its video
offerings recently.  It would perhaps have been more correct to say that
RealVideo has been historically substandard, as least as far as the
quality of video actually appearing in the RealVideo format, but it is
entirely possible that this will change in the future.

The other end of it, of course, is the pain associated with installing
the RealVideo codec in the first place.  On the Windows platform, of
course, Real is at an inherent disadvantage because of Windows Media
Player not shipping with a RealVideo codec.  Real should take steps to
make viewing their video less difficult for users.  For the vast
majority of users, installing RealOne is the only way they know how to
get access to viewing the video (if there's a DirectShow plugin, you
certainly can't get to it from the web site), and RealOne player by
default is extremely annoying. :

The filter will link to the Real DLLs once Realplayer ( or 'alternatives' ;) ) are installed. Works fine for Windows Mediaplayer, and also for any other Dshow player i have tested. This filter was the reason for us to add RV9 and RA8 muxing into matroska, and in fact thanks to the stunning quality of RV9 it has become the most used video codec in MKV for the time being, in most cases with Vorbis or AAC audio and SRT/SSA subtitles. I have a 700 MB encoding of Titanic here on my HDD, the 4 hrs Director Cut, in 704 x 360 and with 2 AAC audio tracks !! Try doing this with any other codec around ;) .

I recommend to Real to open up their decoder license, and only the decoder, this would help for most things already. L-GPL should be fine.

matroska project admin

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