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Le lun 15/12/2003 à 10:39, Alexander Larsson a écrit :
> I was just debugging some nautilus issue when nautilus started crashing
> when reading a directory with some avi files in it. Apparently there is
> now a gdk-pixbuf loader in gstreamer, and it was crashing trying to load
> some 700 meg avi. 
> There are a few issues with this:
> a) gdk-pixbuf loaders are very heavily audited to be as safe as
> possible, since apps use gdk-pixbuf on hostile sources. I don't consider
> gstreamer to be reliable like that. (This crash is probably an instant
> evo exploit for instance.)
> b) Nautilus (really libgnomeui) lists the supported types from
> gdk-pixbuf using an API call, so it knows which types to thumbnail using
> the internal gdk-pixbuf thumbnailer. With the gstreamer plugin this will
> try to load all sorts of movies and shit, overriding the plugin system
> for thumbnailers, making nautilus unstable (the thumbnail plugins are
> normally run as separate processes) and less featureful (the video
> thumbnailer plugins are a lot smarter than just loading the file).
> c) It looked like the plugin was trying to load the animation into a
> GdkPixbufAnimation object. This is not really a good way to handle a 700
> meg movie. It is mostly for handling animated GIFs and MNGs. I'm not
> sure what the code actually does, and if it reads the whole file, but it
> seems to at least do some strange linux-only things like 
> gchar *filename = g_strdup_printf ("/proc/self/fd/%d",
> iter->ani->temp_fd);
> I'm not sure what to do about this. Maybe we should just go back to
> hardcoding the list of mimetypes in gnome-thumbnail, to avoid this and
> similar issues in the future.
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