Re: gstreamer gdk-pixbuf plugin

> > Well, then we won't install it by default.  I don't think it's meant to
> > be used (yet), Company was trying to figure out how pixbuf loaders work
> > and tried to implement it with GStreamer.
> Ok.
> > Incidentally, is it documented somewhere that external thumbnailers are
> > preferred over pixbuf loaders ?
> Uhm? They are not. pixbuf loaders are prefered, being the built-in way
> thumbnails are generated. However, that was only ever meant to be used
> for normal images, not animations...

Well the question is how to solve this longterm as the problem will come
back even if we now don't build the gstreamer loader. 

In fact we are already having the same issue with the loader in the
swfdec library (flash) and since Caleb Moore is now working on adding
animation support for librsvg it will probably happen there to.

The reason Benjamin made the loader was among other things to allow us
to use a cool AVI animation that Jimmac made in the gst-player about
window instead of an ordinary window. 

Could it be that Nautilus simply shouldn't use gdkpixbuf to provide
thumbnails at all? Instead use separate thumbnailers also for various
image formats?


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