Re: GtkMediaPlayer widget

Lee Braiden wrote:

My point is that we don't need to abstract the abstractions. We should pick a good solution, and integrate it 100%.

I see what you're saying, but GtkMediaWidget is not a media framework, nor even a framework of frameworks. It is a widget interface. I don't see that arguement applying here.

If we don't decide on a solution, but instead provide abstractions to hedge our bets, all we're doing is adding layers of inefficiency.

I am not proposing another layer or abstraction. I do not want to wrap all the functionality of all the media frameworks.

I want to create a clear, consice, simple media player interface that media engines could implement. This is not a wrapper. The interface has no overhead implications.

The dream is that a gtk developer could:
- See in a very visible way that gtk has media widgets (ie - in the core documentation) - See a simple interface that makes playing a clip easy without getting lost in a sea of framework documentation. - See a link to a guide that shows which media framework is best for a given application - See links to implementions of the widget interface, and the advanced functionality they offer.

Conceptually, this is not like arts vs esound, this is more like -- giving focus to an area where we can provide basic "play/stop/pause" interoperability, making life easier for developers, and creating a jumping off point for those looking for the right media engine for their application.

Ryan Gammon
rgammon real com
Developer for Helix Player

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