Re: GtkMediaPlayer widget

Ronald Bultje wrote:

Good point. I recall KDE having the same discussion when they proposed
to integrate GStreamer into arts (i.e. provide a Arts-based wrapper on
top of GStreamer, then provide another KDE wrapper on top of arts for
the videospecific stuffies, and also some more wrappers here and there
to keep the wrapper ratio at an acceptable level).

A GtkMediaPlayer interface is not a wrapper. It is an interface.

I'm not sure about others, but I didn't particularly like it, no. You
lose a **lot** of functionality in these abstractions,

You expose advanced functionality in other ways -- deriving from GtkMediaPlayer being one way.

and if you use
more than the abstractions (as Ryan proposes), then what's the use of
the abstraction? It won't be "portable" anymore...

Some gtk developers will only need play/stop/pause functionality.

For the rest, it eases the learning curve, and puts media widgets front and center in the gtk developer's experience, where they should be, standing proudly beside GtkCalendar and friends.

Video doesn't belong in Gtk+, that's my opinion.

The gstreamer-isn't-a-soundserver arguement isn't computing for me here. I think a media player interface most definitely belongs in gtk.

Ryan Gammon
rgammon real com
Developer for Helix Player

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