Re: GtkMediaPlayer widget

Bill Haneman wrote:

I don't think the media player interface has to live in gtk=; IMO gtk+ needs to be lightweight and general. If GNOME needs a media player interface (and I think surely it does), it belongs in another package or layer.

My feelings would be that a media widget is conceptually a fundamental widget type, and that including a GtkMediaPlayer interface in gtk+ would be a reasonable from that point of view.

The test for what constitues a lightweight, general widget is a little hazy (there are probably widgets in gtk that would not qualify today), but I think GtkMediaPlayer meets both.

I know we're moving away from the "extra widgets in extra libs" idea, i.e. reducing libgnomeui, but I think this is a much better application for Bonobo.

Bonobo and supporting technologies add up fairly quickly if you're dealing with an embedded environment, and they add to the developer learning curve. Bonobo isn't without its costs.

I'd rather see gtk make media widgets first class widgets.

Ryan Gammon
rgammon real com
Developer for Helix Player

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