Re: GtkMediaPlayer widget

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On Tue, 2003-12-16 at 14:16 -0800, Ryan Gammon wrote:
> Bill Haneman wrote:
> > I don't think the media player interface has to live in gtk=; IMO gtk+ 
> > needs to be lightweight and general. If GNOME needs a media player 
> > interface (and I think surely it does), it belongs in another package 
> > or layer.
> My feelings would be that a media widget is conceptually a fundamental 
> widget type, and that including a GtkMediaPlayer interface in gtk+ would 
> be a reasonable from that point of view.

Ah, finally I see what you want.
All you actually want is an GInterface

so we can do
mediaplayer = gst_player_new ("file.mpg");
gtk_media_player_play (GTK_MEDIA_PLAYER (mediaplayer);

mediaplayer = helix_player_new ("file.mpg");
gtk_media_player_play (GTK_MEDIA_PLAYER (mediaplayer);

not entirely sure that would be overly useful, cos at some point
there's going to be a need to treat each implementation as its own
specific implementation, which the abstraction of a GtkMediaInterface
wouldn't be able to do.

But it wouldn't be a fundamental widget or anything like that.
It would be a GInterface like GtkEditable is.
If this was to exist (which IMO it isn't needed) it would be better in
somewhere like GnomeMedia rather than GTK+


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