Re: GtkMediaPlayer widget

iain wrote:

(For fear of getting another million of these many lists
are they being sent to?)

Guess I should send to desktop-devel-list gnome org only next time...

Ah, finally I see what you want.
All you actually want is an GInterface

so we can do
mediaplayer = gst_player_new ("file.mpg");
gtk_media_player_play (GTK_MEDIA_PLAYER (mediaplayer);

mediaplayer = helix_player_new ("file.mpg");
gtk_media_player_play (GTK_MEDIA_PLAYER (mediaplayer);

Dead on!

not entirely sure that would be overly useful, cos at some point
there's going to be a need to treat each implementation as its own
specific implementation, which the abstraction of a GtkMediaInterface
wouldn't be able to do.

That's the flip side of being an interface instead of a wrapper -- there's no real abstraction going on here, so you do have to deal with the underlying widget.

At the very least, you'd have to call helix_player_new (unless you were doing something clever with dlopen).

The technical value here is useful but modest. The exciting part is that it gives gtk developers a jumping off point for their media widget needs, and it demonstrates that media widgets are first class widgets in gtk.

But it wouldn't be a fundamental widget or anything like that.

Lost me here. Why wouldn't it derive from GtkWidget?

Ryan Gammon
rgammon real com
Developer for Helix Player

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