Re: GtkMediaPlayer widget

On Tuesday 16 Dec 2003 10:34 pm, Ronald Bultje wrote:
> Fundamental widgets are a window, a button, a label, widgets that
> *every* application uses. That's what Gtk+ is supposed to provide. A
> media player widget is important in certain (corner?) cases, but nothing
> close to fundamental.

I would argue that it *could* be fundamental, if available.  It's a bit like 
databound controls.  Most apps don't *need* 'em, but many apps would use them 
readily, if available and simple enough to use.

I'd like to be able embed video players in my mergeant database as easily as 
text or dates.  I'd like to be able to embed video players in my 3d renderer, 
or my video editing app, or my slideshow app, educational stuff, comic strip 
renderer, earthquake simulator, chinese character morphology, geneology, etc.  
Moreover, I'd like to be able to do easily embed streaming video from the net 
with the minimum of hassle -- just embed the object, supply a URL, and play.

It's just the implementation proposed here that I have issues with.  Gstreamer 
has my vote.


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