Re: GtkMediaPlayer widget

Lee Braiden wrote:

On Tuesday 16 Dec 2003 9:11 pm, Ryan Gammon wrote:
It's still a little early to be claiming GNOME victory ;)

I agree. But no one did that. I simply said that gstreamer is already (for the purposes of this discussion) a part of GNOME. And, again, I asked what required Real to have their own player in GNOME instead of just porting their codecs to gstreamer?

Disclaimer applies, but:
There's more to Real than a codec -- we deliver a variety of services for both ourselves and a variety of partners, eg Rhapsody music and SuperPass video, to plug two of our own. We also have a business and legal side which deals with licensing codecs, patents, content, etc.

This isn't about Real, though, it is about open source. You too can use open source versions of our core technology -- Helix Producer and Helix Server.

The Helix Client plugs into an entire open-source, cross-platform content delivery infrastructure. The player is an important tip of an iceburg.

The helix project, IMO, is about getting the open source community
involved in streaming media technologies

We're already involved, on many fronts, in many projects.

That came out wrong on my part. The open source community is doing great work with streaming media, and I think helix is an exciting addition to these efforts.

Ryan Gammon
rgammon real com
Developer for Helix Player

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