Re: Future of gnome-mime-data?

Ole Laursen <olau hardworking dk> writes:

> Hi,
> Does anyone know the future of gnome-mime-data? It seems the
> shared-mime-info project
> is a likely candidate for a long-term replacement. But what about the
> short-term future, i.e. GNOME 2.6?

I'm hoping to move over to the xdg MIME data on the 2.6 time frame.
Problems in intltool (bug #127218) are preventing it from making a
release of the shared-mime-info, but I'm going to improvise something

> I'm wondering whether to focus on translating share-mime-info (porting
> the translation from gnome-mime-data) now, or wait.

Please start translating it.  Also, there was some discussion on
xdg-list about normalizing the strings a bit.  You might want to keep an
eye on that.


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