Re: Template system

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:

> different applications.  They'll still need to learn how to use them,
> but the process will be assisted because each time they create, say, a
> Letter, the same application will open (or the application they chose on
> the app list I proposed a few mails ago).

Shouldn't that be handled through the Preferred Apps panel? Or is that
about to be thrown overboard? (I wouldn't mind, it's borked in its current
incarnation anyway.)

> People *don't* know that they need OpenOffice Writer to write a Letter.
> People also *don't* know about the New menu and the templates.  But the
> New menu and the Templates fulfill two functions:

One side-note: I don't know if this had been considered already... but as
you may know, the Workplace Shell (OS/2) has a pretty complete Templates
system, but it also offers you the 'Create another...' context menu items
for known file types. So if I had a StarOffice file, I could right click
its icon, select 'Create another...' and have StarOffice open with an
empty document. One could consider this as "implicit templates".

My 2 eurocents,

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