A few points to think about


Before I start with my main concern I first like to wish everyone Merry
Christmas and a happy New Year.

Now to my concern. I would like to ask again how the status of CVSGnome
is for inclusion on the Startpage for GNOME 2.5 (and following
versions). As many of you already know CVSGnome is a buildsystem which I
have started a couple of years ago. The system is throughly maintained
and used by a lot of people worldwide. In the past couple of months I
get a lot of mails from users who thank me for this great work and the
time that I spent on it but they also ask me what the reasons were that
it's still not included in the Startpages so other people can benefit
from it. Regardless of that it was already said that this system can be
included for no loss and I do believe it's almost 5 mins before 12 to do
so. I wouldn't ask for this if CVSGnome would exist for 2 months or so
but it's a bunch of years now.

People please know that CVSGnome is a good and mature solution and it
indeed has a lot of users and it's aim is to get people and maybe new
developers onto GNOME. I think there is no need for me to remind people
that the center aims are to teamwork, to encourage people to try and
test GNOME and even more to feel like being part of the community rather
than some unwanted appendage. It's not like there are 2 people who
decide what GNOME has to be, where it goes and who and what should
belong there. A few points that the one or other may have forgotten
through all the evangelism - which I criticise sometimes (maybe I have a
point to do so too).

I also would like to sensible the senses of people a bit more and thus
would like to make a quote from Nat Friedman who wrote some clearing
lines in the Foundation guidelines in October 2002 which makes a lot of
sense and which I want to thank him for.


Please read his 'Rationale' and the last two paragraphs of 'Guidelines
for membership'. Specially pay attention to the last paragraph. Once
done read the entire thing.

Anyways I hope that CVSGnome will get the same chance as every other
project around GNOME since it is made for GNOME and not against it.
Regardless of that ignorance will not stop me from continue working on
it and users from keep using it. Ignorance will only lead to a new way
of thinking about GNOME.

I want to thank your for your time. I still wish you all the best and I
hope this little feedback has helped to think globally about this
problem not just CVSGnome related.


Ali Akcaagac

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