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El mié, 17-12-2003 a las 19:03, Bill Garrett escribió:
> > >  The
> > > document-centric way seems the reverse of this, i.e. "Let me find a
> > > location in which I will create a file, which will contain a letter
> > > which I will write."
> > No studies =(  that I know of.  Supposedly back in '94, Microsoft
> > invested millions and determined this was the way to go, hence the
> > New... menu and the Templates directory, while hiding the applications
> > on a Start submenu.
> This is purely anecdotal.

The evidence embodied in Mac OS and Windows 95 seems to contradict this

>   There are some situations where I'd rather open an
> application and just start banging out data, but there are others where I'd
> like the option to say, for example, 'start working on a new text file in the
> currently-open window'.

If you're going to create a document, it ALWAYS makes sense to create a
document first.  On the other hand, if you're using a
non-document-centric application, evidently it would not make sense to
create a document.  That's why you have the K menu and the Foot menu.

Trust me on this one: teaching the users that they need to open X
application to create Y document, and making it stick in their brains,
is a major barrier, one that the Templates concept completely
eliminates, given that the templates available make sense in
non-computer-expert user terms.

>   For example, as a writer, I find myself relying a
> great deal on "scrapbooks" of pre-written text, and often I want to create a
> new file in a certain directory, which may be several layers removed from my
> home directory.  I already have a Nautilus window open in this location.

You do make an efficient use of files.  After all a scrapbook is a

> Templates aren't the only solution to this problem.  I may as well
> drag-and-drop from the application's "Save" button into a currently open
> window, and get an "untitled 1"-type file which I can then rename.

Providing this instead of the save box generates usability problems for
keyboard users and blind people.

>   Another
> nice compromise would be for the GTK+/GNOME save dialog to list the currently
> open Nautilus windows as directories the user could quickly jump to.

...providing the list of open folders in a drop down, much like the
folder and parents dropdown nowadays in the KDE file save box.

>   That'd
> fix my problem, at least, but I'm not sure what all cases templates are found
> to be useful in.
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