gnome-control-center improvements

Hi, I'm hacking on gnome-control-center trying to improve it before the
GNOME 2.5 freeze.

My first patch is to merge the keybinding dialog inside the main
Keyboard capplet (

I'm also interested on merge acme inside gnome-control-center. Is
someone else working on it?

I'm developing now a new capplet, It's a "international" one (based on
the MacOSX one), that lets you choose your desktop language and your
currency and time/date formats in a more flexible way than gdm and it
works always because does not depend on gdm, you can use any other login
display or startx directly. I'm also planning move there the new
keyboard layout tab from the Keyboard dialog so you will have the
keyboard model selection at gnome-keyboard-properties and all related to
languages at gnome-international-properties.

I'm not sure it will be ready before the freeze, but I will try it.

Also, I want to know any other missing part we should fix with the

Ideas, suggestions?

Carlos Perelló Marín
Debian GNU/Linux Sid (PowerPC)
Linux Registered User #121232
mailto:carlos pemas net || mailto:carlos gnome org
Valencia - Spain

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