Re: gnome-control-center improvements

On Sun, Dec 28, 2003 at 09:49:40PM +0100, Carlos Perell? Mar?n wrote:
> Hi, I'm hacking on gnome-control-center trying to improve it before the
> GNOME 2.5 freeze.

> My first patch is to merge the keybinding dialog inside the main
> Keyboard capplet (

1) We discussed merging them at the gnome summit in brooklyn and
  decided against it.  The two concepts seemed to address different
  issues.  Additionally the keyboard capplet is already pretty
  lartge with the addition of the gswitchit stuff.  Tacking on
  bindings too would make it untenably large IMO.

> I'm also interested on merge acme inside gnome-control-center. Is
> someone else working on it?

Jonathan has been working on it.

> I'm developing now a new capplet, It's a "international" one (based on
> the MacOSX one), that lets you choose your desktop language and your
> currency and time/date formats in a more flexible way than gdm and it
> works always because does not depend on gdm, you can use any other login
> display or startx directly. I'm also planning move there the new
> keyboard layout tab from the Keyboard dialog so you will have the
> keyboard model selection at gnome-keyboard-properties and all related to
> languages at gnome-international-properties.

Interesting.  I resume this would be locale based ?
How do you plan to change LANG/LC_ALL/LC_* in other processes ?

> I'm not sure it will be ready before the freeze, but I will try it.
Sounds great.

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