Re: PPP Dial up tool

Ramanan Selvaratnam <rama ukfsn org> writes:
> What is the status of  any Gnome PPP dialup tool?
> Both Gnome PPP and gtkdial look unclear to me.

I think there's something that's part of gnome-system-tools, a
gnome-network-admin, or something like that. I'll have to check, but
maintainers probably have a better clue.

Never used it though, because...
> One can easily setup a panel applet to excecute sudo wvdial and possibly
> get network monitoring also started up but setting up wvdial and sudoers
> is not a trivial task for new users.

.. I use "Network lights" (or whatever it is originally in English)
applet on my panel, and single click is enough for connecting (if
you've set up PPP on your system; if not, I guess it's PITA for
newbies, though Slackware and Debian provide command line tools
called pppsetup, ppp-config or similar, which should help there.

> The feature to dock on panel once connection is setup (like Kppp) is a
> useful feature and I am not sure how easy it is to implement.

As I said, "network lights" provides monitoring if you provide it
with a correct setup.  I don't know either how easy it was to
implement, but the good thing is that it's already implemented ;)


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