Re: Buildstatus CVS 29-12-2003

> Sounds like a old version of libxklavier. Check your .pc file.
> How are you installing libxklavier ?

>From Martin's previous reply I must assume that he compiles CVS.
This means that CVSGnome automatically pulls the newest version
from sourceforge CVS. I know that libxklavier moved to freedesktop
but freedesktop has insufficent information about howto access
libxklavier from there. Tarball version is pointing to .95 as does
JHBuild (seems to pull .95 Tarball for CVS too).

Means: CVSGnome for CVS uses CVS libxklavier from Sourceforge,
                for Tar uses .95 libxklavier from Sourceforge.

The upcoming version of CVSGnome will use .96 for Tarball and still
points to Sourceforge's CVS for CVS build.

> Things work for me (provided you have automake >= 1.6). I just
> added a req for that in

Bootstrap process of CVSGnome installs automake-1.4-p6 and
automake-1.7.9. automake 1.6.x is basically not used anymore within
CVS and thus removed months ago.


Ok a little update while I was writing this email. I just got told
on IRC that I shouldn't pull the CVS version of libklavier because
of 'xfree86.xml' which I am aware of. I never had that prob anyways
since I for my own use XFree 4.4.0 rc2. The prob should be solved.

I do hope that the -lgtop-2.0 is solved in CVS gnome-applets since I
needed to apply it myself here (different problem).


Ali Akcaagac

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