Re: Ideology / ChangeLogs

On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 19:45, Christian Neumair wrote:
> Today I noted that a diff [1] was committed containing political
> propaganda. In my opinion this should be reverted for the same reason we
> don't distribute flags: taking up a position when it comes to historical
> or political situations isn't a good thing, independent from semantical
> aspects.
I completely agree with Christian. Myself, I'd even enjoy some
propaganda if it were profound and/or witty thoughts of Mr. Cranston,
but this is merely a cut'n'pasted PR material of Mr. Bush & friends.
furthermore, it is rather pathetic and not a very good example of its
kind and as such does not enrich the reader in any way nor does it
entertain him, and it has no connection with the very essence of the
ChangeLog per se. (to say nothing of the fact that it is also insulting
to people that might endorse Mr. Hussein;).

this entry should be removed: there's really no need to stain everything
with unrelated garbage, just surf over to CNN. it would be nice if Mr.
Cranston could revert this himself...



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