Re: Ideology / ChangeLogs

On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 19:08, Lee Braiden wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 Dec 2003 11:41 pm, Ronald Bultje wrote:
> > Don't get too rigid on this, guys. It *should* be fun. :).
> The question, of course, is "what qualifies as fun?".  Personally, see nothing 
> fun about a celebration of *any* war, much less this particular one.

And some people don't see fun in giving away software, or playing DVDs
illegally, or cursing in code comments, or speaking against any war,
or............ De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum. 

As Iain said, we're already making fairly explicit political statements
with every line of code we write, and one of those statements in my mind
is that we are our own masters and we do what we have fun doing. If part
of that is weird/wacky/tacky stuff in our own code, our own commits, or
our internal documentation, fine. Have fun. I certainly wouldn't want
Dennis forcing his view of the world on me[1], and I don't think we
should be in the business of forcing anyone else's view on him or anyone
else who is a useful contributor of code.


[1] I'm centrist enough to be offended by both Iain and Dennis ;)

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