Re: GNOME personas

 --- Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com> wrote: > Havoc said:
> ...
> > In short we'll have three concrete people in mind that we're writing
> > GNOME for. 
> I think the personas idea is interesting, and I plan to read the book if
> I can get my hands on it quickly.
> But I don't see how we can cover accessibility needs with our three
> personas, unless one of them is deaf-blind and another is a quadraplegic
> with poor vision...

I'm not sure I agree, and remember, the thing proposed is more or less a set of
personas for the core shell of gnome (panel, nautilus, wm). Specilised areas of
gnome - like developer tools, etc. will need their own persona sets as its not too
reasonable to assume that the majority of gnome users will use them and hence they
might not be relevant.

Or rather - given a set of presonas, we can make sure that gnome is still a good
environment for the set of design personas, should the personas have an
accessability need X. An accessability need per say would not be a quity of a

> So though we may be able to cover a lot with three personas, we'll need
> to have more use cases than that to make design decisions about
> something as far-reaching as the whole GNOME desktop. 
> - Bill

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