Re: GPager in gnome-utils


> Given that there's been barely a whimper about its removal, I'd rather
> not see it (and the required maintenance overhead that would accompany
> it) added back to gnome-utils.

I'm very much in agreement with John here...we have gedit...isn't that
enough? :)

If someone really feels like writing code as an exercise, then please
look at the current gnome-utils mess [aside from gsearchtool, that's
ace] and maybe think about rewriting some of the old code there.

gcalc is mostly poop - we have gcalctool in which could
certainly do with some love, to bring the UI to a sensible state,
usability wise.

gcharmap needs lots of love to bring it up to the standards of the
character map in windows - could be a fun project to improve this I

gdialog is complete arse right now - I've already started writing a
replacement for this called zenity [plug plug]. It still needs lots of
work before it can replace it - I'd welcome patches for any of the TODO

gdict is a loveable little application...which unfortunately wets itself
far too much. Could do with a major rewrite and use libdict instead.

logview is mostly crap - needs code cleaning. It would be nice to have a
look at the Redhat log viewer - lots to do here.

gfloppy is doing well - I'm sure there are plenty of minor things that
could be fixed up here.

So loads of ideas - most of this is pretty easy hacking [if I can do it,
anyone can]. 

	Okay, end of shameless gnome-utils plugging...

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

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