Metacity 2.4.8

Hello group,

I just upgraded to Metacity-2.4.8 and noticed an annoying change.
It seems that dialog windows are now modal by default.  It there a way
to turn this off?  When I am downloading a bunch of files with Mozilla,
the whole window is now blocked by these download dialogs.  Clicking
on the main window remove the focus from all the dialogs, however they
still stay on top.  Is there a setting to change this?  Or is my only
option to downgrade my version of metacity?  One other thing, is this
the new default behaviour for metacity?

Also, I am using glib2-2.0.4 and gtk2-2.0.4.

Jim Drabb
Those who would sacrifice freedom for security will get neither
James Drabb JR
Programmer Analyst
Davenport, FL
JDrabb at tampabay dot rr dot com

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