Re: Metacity 2.4.8

On Sun, Jan 05, 2003 at 07:14:06PM -0500, James Drabb wrote:
> I just upgraded to Metacity-2.4.8 and noticed an annoying change.
> It seems that dialog windows are now modal by default.  It there a way
> to turn this off?  When I am downloading a bunch of files with Mozilla,
> the whole window is now blocked by these download dialogs.  Clicking
> on the main window remove the focus from all the dialogs, however they
> still stay on top.  Is there a setting to change this?  Or is my only
> option to downgrade my version of metacity?  One other thing, is this
> the new default behaviour for metacity?

They aren't modal, just on top. Dialogs go on top.

Everyone seems to want the mozilla download dialogs to 
a) be in the tasklist b) not be on top c) have maximize/minimize
buttons etc.

What this means is that they should maybe not be dialogs. We shouldn't
break every other dialog just because an app uses a dialog when it
should use a main window. The right thing to do is file a mozilla bug

Whenever someone complains about dialog treatment from metacity it's
*always* about the mozilla download dialog - I don't think I've heard
of a single other example. So it's clear to me this is an application
bug if it's a bug.

I think Seth was writing the "progress window" section of the HIG, so
maybe he can give them so advice.


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