gnome-control-center string freeze breakage

There has recently been an unannounced string freeze breakage in
gnome-control-center HEAD branch:

This seems to be the commit in
capplets/theme-switcher/gnome-theme-manager.c that caused the string

1.16 <seth> 2003-01-05 18:26
2003-01-05 Seth Nickell <snickell stanford edu>

* gnome-theme-manager.c: (add_custom_row_to_meta_theme),
* theme-thumbnail.c: (theme_thumbnail_invalidate_cache):
* theme-thumbnail.h:

Generate thumbnails for the custom theme.

Communication with translators regarding string changes at supposedly
stable times is very important. We're only a week into the GNOME 2.1
string freeze, but communication is still important, so that translators
know what needs updating again.
This message addition adds a "Custom Theme\n" message, whereas a "Custom
Theme" message was already present before the string freeze. It seems
that the extra "\n" in this newly added message may not be important
enough to warrant a breakage, but a solution with a "Custom Theme"
message without a "\n" could be used instead, so that the existing
translations are re-used, and the string freeze is preserved.


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