Re: GPager in gnome-utils

> Hey,

> I was thinking of looking at something like gcalctool (thinking of
> improving my (fairly bad) hacking skills): although there's the GPL in a
> COPYING file, the top of each source code file looks like this:
> /*  $Header: /cvs/gnome/gcalctool/gcalctool/calctool.c,v 1.15 2002/12/24
> 19:48:46 richb Exp $
>  *
>  *  Copyright (c) 1987-2002, Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights
> Reserved.
>  *  Sun considers its source code as an unpublished, proprietary
>  *  trade secret, and it is available only under strict license
>  *  provisions.  This copyright notice is placed here only to protect
>  *  Sun in the event the source is deemed a published work. 
> Dissassembly,
>  *  decompilation, or other means of reducing the object code to human
>  *  readable form is prohibited by the license agreement under which
>  *  this code is provided to the user or company in possession of this
>  *  copy.

Ooops, I'm pretty sure that is completely unintentional ;) cc'ing Rich
for clarification ;)

			See ya,
				Glynn :)

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