Re: show desktop button icons [was: Major feature that is missing in gnome]

> A "Show desktop" button will be in GNOME 2.2 (it's currently in CVS).


Since this appeared well after the HCI team had finalized the icons in
gnome-themes, this applet/button doesn't theme well at the moment.

Would someone (possibly the responsible parties ;-) please create
appropriate HighContrast (48x48 b/w) and HCInverse (same, inverted)
versions of this icon so that we can put them in gnome-themes?  You
could look at the existing HC icons for reference (please use thick
lines and remember to put a thick contrasting border around the icon so
that it's visible when selected).

(I would file a bugzilla bug but there doesn't seem to be a subcategory
for this applet yet)



Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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