Re: Major feature that is missing in gnome

On Tue, 2003-01-07 at 09:12, Calum Benson wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-01-07 at 14:03, Calum Benson wrote:
> > I confidently stake my mortgage[1] on the following prediction: most
> > users couldn't care less about the implementation.  It looks like a
> > button, it has the word "button" in its description, so as far as
> > they're concerned it's a button.

Yes. But it is inconsistent with the rest of the "buttons". I could care
less about the implementation too, as long as it's consistent with other
implementations, as far as the UI is concerned.

> Oh, and as the docs team have just pointed out, by their definition it
> should be called "Show Desktop Background", not "Show Desktop", but I'm
> not getting involved in that one again today :)

What is a Desktop anyway? Or Background? What is that? ;)

-- dobey

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