Re: Major feature that is missing in gnome

Mark moots: 
Re:> > 
Re:> > 	Just to through a 4th definition on to the fire ...
Re:> > 
Re:> > 	The tooltip for the screenshot button is
Re:> > 
Re:> > 	"Take a screenshot of your desktop"
Re:> > 

And John enjoins: 

Re:> Perhaps we can save Pat and Eugene some heartburn and whittle this back
Re:> down to three confused definitions by changing the tooltip[1] to:
Re:> 	"Take a screenshot"
Re:	Ah but that's no fun ... well, okay then ...
Re:	:-)
Re:Good Luck,

Such a solution is wriggling off the hook. The point that Eugene and I are 
making by putting forward various examples is that there is a widespread, 
instinctive, innate and natural understanding in the engineering 
community that the term "desktop" means more than just "the thing behind the 
icons". Dropping the term "desktop" from the "Take a screenshot" tooltip 
only avoids the issue for this particular text string. The issue remains, 
hovering in the background, so to speak. The problem will recur throughout 
the, um, desktop, unless there is widespread agreement about our usage of the 
term desktop. 


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