Re: language bindings GTK# and Python

On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 21:10, George Farris wrote:
> I've just been looking over the non C language bindings and it seems
> that Python and C# are two good alternatives.  What sort of opinions do
> the gnome-devel crew have about these two bindings.  I realize that the
> GTK# bindings are not yet complete but it does look usable.
Python rocks.  A lot of people want to see this become part of Gnome's
core instead of juat an add-in.  There have even been talks about making
it the default scripting language for scripting in gnome applications. 
Of course it is all talk right now but one thing I can point to is that
Python currently enjoys the most complete GNOME/GTK+ 2.0 bindings.  It
is clean, easy to learn for newbies and powerful. 

I have no objections to C#/Mono other than it is a complied language
that uses an unproven VM.  From what I hear it runs very good but it is
still in heavy development so I'm taking a wait and see approch.  The
cool thing about Mono is that it will eventualy have many complete
language bindings but that is not the case right now.  

> I'm thinking there are going to be a few well supported bindings and
> have a feeling that GTK# will pick up speed quickly, however, there does
> seem a bit of animosity among Linux developers about supporting
> something so Microsoft concentric.
I realy don't see much of a problem.  If it is good it will find it
niche no matter who it came from.  If not then no harm done.  I think
most of the outrage was from a highly vocal minority.  Gnome's object
model is partialy based on MS's OLE 2.  From what I have seen Gnome
developers are very good at taking the best bits and pieces of design
from various sources and put their own little spin on it to make an
awsome system.  
> If one was going to start a new project and didn't want to use C or C++
> what suggestions might be made here?
I would say Python for now unless you or your friend wants to learn C#. 
Python is a joy to work with.


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