Re: gucharmap

Hey there,

> I've written a featureful gtk+ unicode character map.
> People have suggested that I submit it for inclusion in
> gnome, presumably to replace gcharmap, so that's what I'm
> doing. 

This looks great, and I would be very enthusiastic to start thinking
about getting it included into the desktop-release, replacing
gnome-character-map [given it's current limitations].

I think the first thing that you should try to do is to try and get it
included into the 5th toe release, which is expected sometime after we
release 2.2. From there, hopefully people will start hammering on the
code, reporting bugs, etc..

I'm not entirely convinced that the UI is right for the average user
right now - it may be worth mailing usability gnome org for ideas of how
to clean it up. It would be good to take a complete set of screenshots
for them to look at [including menu entries, dialogs, etc..]. Obviously
I'm basing these comments off 0.1 - I see 0.2 is much improved ;)

We also need to think about any accessibility requirements - the use of
a GtkDrawingArea might present some problems to overcome.

Other than the above comments, I'd definitely like to see it getting
scheduled for inclusion in 2.4. I'm also thinking that it would be good
to increase the version number a little - is it really only 0.2?

			Fantastic stuff [1]
				Glynn :)

[1] replacing stuff in gnome-utils is such a wonderful thing

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